Path Optical Licenses Exciting New Technology from USF

Path Optical Systems has licensed an exciting that utilizes new additive manufacturing technology to manufacture optoelectronic devices from the University of South Florida. A team of USF researchers lead by Dr. Venkat Bhethanabotla used laser enhanced-direct print additive manufacturing (LE-DPAM) to create three-dimensional optical fiber interconnects on PCB boards. This new technology integrates the advantages of additive manufacturing into the production of optoelectronic devices.

Path Optical CEO, Roger Tipton commented that, “This exciting new technology has the potential to forever change the production of optical fiber interconnect for improving communication between optical components in the next generation of electronic devices. The revolution that optical fibers to the home enabled can be replicated by the introduction of optical fibers inside of servers, computers, and personal devices like phones and tablets.”

We are excited about this new capability and the potential it brings to the future of optoelectronic devices!

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